Grow with us

At Lantmännen Unibake we all play our part in putting bread on the table. To make it happen, we're counting on our local bakery rockstars to keep the lines buzzing, the bread rolling, and the schedule on point.

We're crafting success with your star power! So buckle up and join us to play a key part in turning simple raw materials into crisp delights.

Do you see yourself in manufacturing?

Quality and Compliance

Meticulous attention to detail ensures that all our products meet the highest standards, from sourcing premium ingredients to final product delivery. Our quality experts keep a rigorous eye on each step of the production process, guaranteeing the highest quality in taste and food safety. contributing to a culture of continuous improvement and adherence to international regulatory standards




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Engineering & Maintenance

Engineering and maintenance is crucial for ensuring the efficiency and safety of our production lines. The primary role is to maintain the machinery and equipment, ensuring that everything is functioning optimally and reliably. This involves regular inspections, preventative maintenance, and timely repairs to prevent breakdowns that could interrupt production or increase risk of potential hazards. The team also contributes to the continuous improvement of production processes by optimizing machinery performance.


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Production & Operations

This is the beating heart of Unibake where the hands-on craft of baking meets the precise coordination of seamless processes. You'll be a valuable colleague on the front lines, witnessing the raw ingredients transform into the delicious products that define our global reputation. You will work together, side by side with a dedicated team, ensuring each product is made, packaged and stored with care and precision.



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International opportunities

Once you’ve accumulated world-class knowledge in
the business unit you’re in, you may be able to apply it
in one of our international locations. People who
transfer abroad love this opportunity, and suddenly,
everything you hear about the depth of resources and
the global cooperation at Lantmännen Unibake makes
sense. This is a business without borders.

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Ilya Suturin, Global Category Director

"There is a career path in the organization that supports your development and provides an opportunity to be moved across functions and markets and our company culture provides us with a unique chance to impact on the business not only locally but also worldwide."


4 reasons to choose us

Join us at Lantmännen Unibake, where your drive to grow and help others do the same really matters. We're all about thinking ahead with a strategy that’s good for profits, people and the planet. Our vibe? Business-savyymeets big-hearted, with a dash of openness and the courage to always look at the big picture.

Wherever you fit into Lantmännen Unibake’s organization, you’ll be part of a bigger international setup where we work closely together across borders and multiple cultures. For you it means opportunities to challenge, advance and diversify your skill set, and grow into new roles and responsibilities. For Unibake, it means continuous training of our innovation muscle, spreading our best practices, and stimulating creative problem-solving across our company.

Together, we're building a workplace that welcomes everyone, values teamwork, and thrives on collaboration. Are you the kind of person who loves finding solutions, is open to fresh ideas, and eager to make a real difference in the world and people's daily lives? You'll fit right in. Welcome aboard!