Contributing to a sustainable food system

You already know what the problems are. The way we are living on this planet is unsustainable. Acting is the only option we have, and the food industry is central to the topic. The way food is produced, shared and consumed has a huge impact and the health of our environment, culture and economies is all interlinked. Our customers see this clearly and are looking to us to show some direction and leadership. And the leaders of our business are 100% committed to doing just that. As a global bakery, we have the power to make an impact. We have scale, resources, knowledge and drive and we are determined to use it for good.

Our Climate Commitments

Unibake’s has set its climate ambition to become CO2e Net Zero no later than by 2050

These are the targets we pursue to get there:

  • Reduce absolute Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 50% (base year: 2019)
  • Suppliers causing 2/3 of our Scope 3 emission are committed to SBT EO 2027
  • 30% Scope 3 emission reduction with a 67% coverage (base year: 2019)

Acting is the only option we have

No bread should not be wasted

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