Taking an active role in public health improvement

Since the beginning of time food and nutrition have been fundamental ingredients in man’s health and for thousands of years baked goods, especially bread, have been part of human history. They play an integral role in our daily life and are symbols of culture, history, hunger, wealth, war, and peace. Baked goods are indispensable and have been key to human survival, being a staple in numerous cultures and even relied on as a form of currency.

Increased Challenges

Industrialized production of foods, rapid urbanization, and changing lifestyles are transforming dietary patterns. People around the world tend to eat more saturated fat, sugar and salt than what is recomended in nutrition recomendations.

At the same time, as their eating patterns shift, people are consuming fewer fruits and vegetables and less dietary fibre such as whole grains, which are key components of a healthy diet. 

Salt, sugar and fat are other dietary factors that contribute to the burden created by lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes which is increasing – and must be reduced. 

One DALY represents the equivalent of one healthy life year lost.  

Our Health Commitments

Unibake has set out to positively impact public health by more than doubling volume of healthier products by 2030.

These are the commitments we have made:

  • 100% of our bread and fast food bread volume contains minimum 3% fibre and 30% of wheat bread contains minimum 6% fibre 
  • 33% of the grain ingredients in our wheat bread and rye bread is wholegrain 
  • 10% reduction of average salt content in wheat bread, rye bread and fast food bread 
  • 40% of sweets volume to contain max 250 kcal per portion 

Balanced Nutrition