Looking to join our family? Let’s take you through the steps. Just as with baking,
everything takes its time. But we strive to make the application process smooth
and brief so we both know early on if we have appetite for more.

Step 1

First up is your interest and your application. Let us
know who you are, why you wish to join us (apart
from our delicious breakfast), and what makes you
the perfect fit for our mix.

Step 2

If all goes well, you will be invited to a first interview,
where we will meet’n’greet and see if our ingredients
go well together. After that you might have an online
test with feedback.

Step 3

Back for a second interview already? Yes, we prefer
to have a quick recruitment process. When we see
someone who fits in, we want you onboard asap to
help make our great teams even better.

Step 4

Just as with our recipes, we like to follow procedures
in our recruitment, so when we’re well and
convinced that you’re the right fit for us, we check
your references as a final quality control.

Step 5

We make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Of course you can, you can also negotiate it, but we
sincerely hope you will join us!

Time for us to celebrate!

You said yes! Congratulations to all of us! We are
excited to have you become part of the Lantmännen
Unibake team. Time for us to begin your onboarding
process so you can transition smoothly into your
new role.