Mission, vision & values

We have a friendly culture with openness and respect
for one another, where we get the possibility to
influence. We support and encourage each other to
speak openly and take the responsibility for both our
own work and the Group’s road ahead. By taking
ownership of results, working together and exploring
new opportunities – we take our business to the next

Equality & Diversity

Equality and diversity is reality and not just an ambition here. With employees from more than 40 countries, equality and diversity meets you every day.

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Workplace for all generations

Everyone has something special to offer, and our organisation is home to all generations. From fresh graduates to skilful seniors we learn from each other.

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Leadership in all departments

We’re 6000 leaders. That’s how we see it, because we try to actively foster an environment, where everyone is able to take decisions in their workday.

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Drive & Holistic view

We view Lantmännen Unibake as one big family, and by having a holistic view of our organisation we ensure a shared drive across borders.

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Adnan Zeljkovic

Purchase Coordinator - Sweden, Malmö

”I wanted to work for an international company with a focus
on the future. Lantmännen offered me great opportunity’s to
learn, develop and be part of “Reimagine the world of grain”
How could I say no to that?”

Working with us

Every organisation works a little bit different. At Lantmännen Unibake, we value having a safe and healthy workplace, where there’s room for everyone. Equality and diversity is not just an ambition but a reality here, and we try to use that to help all our employees grow into the role they dream of.

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