About Procurement

We need your keen eye for quality and your knack for finding the best deals to ensure our operational success. Your efforts directly impact product taste and quality, and sustainability is a core principle in our sourcing strategy.

Your Procurement journey at Unibake begins here, where securing top-notch ingredients is as rewarding as the delectable treats they help create.

Strategic Buyer

Your role involves sourcing quality ingredients, negotiating contracts, and building strong supplier relationships. Analyzing market trends, you ensure cost-effective purchases without compromising quality. Collaboration with cross-functional teams is key, aligning procurement strategies with overall business goals. Your decisions impact product quality and cost efficiency. In this pivotal role, you navigate the complexities of global sourcing, contributing to the success of our bakery by securing reliable and cost-effective supplies.

Procurement Category Manager

You oversee specific product categories and implement strategic sourcing initiatives. Negotiating contracts, you secure favorable terms and align procurement strategies with overarching business objectives. You analyze market dynamics to make sure we stay ahead of industry trends and are agile to market shifts. Your role involves supplier relationship management and building long-term partnerships focusing on cost efficiency and quality assurance. A role that contribute significantly to Unibake's success.


Exploring a career as a Buyer with us means adeptly sourcing quality materials, negotiating contracts, and aligning strategies with production needs. Your role includes managing supplier relationships and staying informed about market trends, ensuring an optimal balance between cost, quality, and timely delivery and offers you the opportunity to contribute to maintaining a reliable and cost-effective supply chain for our diverse range of products.