Business in mind, people at heart

Our collective bakery history provides us with decades of baking wisdom that grows with every new member we welcome into our organization.

We have an entrepreneurial mindset across the organization that allows input from everyone on a range of topics from new recipes to innovative approaches to the way we work.                                         

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Healthy and safe workplace

At Lantmännen Unibake, we strive to  create a healthy and safe workplace.

Whether you work in manufacturing, supply chain management or in our offices, it is important to us that you have the right equipment and correct training.


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Our teams



Baking is at the core of our business, and we're constantly seeking talented individuals who have a passion for food quality, safety, minimizing food waste, and contributing to a better world through baking.


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Supply chain

We view the world as our playground and require the most brilliant minds to ensure that our products reach our customers in the same high quality as they were produced, and within the proper timeframe


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In Unibake, roles across all office functions—from Finance and IT to Marketing and Commercial—are crucial to our success. Your expertise is the key to shaping the future landscape of fast-moving consumer goods.                       


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Global Graduate

Our future rests on the shoulders of the next generations. Our graduate program is dedicated to cultivating the leaders of tomorrow by providing unique global opportunities and responsibilities.                                                                                                                         

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Opportunities to grow

At Lantmännen Unibake we like to see people grow in their jobs and we want to provide the opportunities necessary to do so. We'll enable you to influence and set the direction for your development to accomplish the role of your dreams.

Let’s grow together.



Our culture

We value long-term commitment, responsibility, and a business approach balanced with warmth and openness. Our culture champions inclusivity, teamwork, and the drive to innovate.

If you are a solution-focused individual with an open mind and a bold spirit for new challenges, you'll find unparalleled opportunities here to develop both yourself and the wider community, making a tangible difference in society and everyday life.

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From field to fork

As part of Northern Europe’s leading agricultural cooperative, Lantmännen Unibake has an obligation to act responsibly. Rooted in farming with a symbiotic relationship to nature from field to fork, we have the knowhow to reduce emissions, bake healthier products, build inspiring workplaces, and foster responsible sourcing.


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