What is Supply Chain in Unibake?

We're all about putting bread on the table, and that's where you come in. We're on the lookout for dedicated teammates to champion seamless processes, ensure on-time deliveries, and keep a keen eye on scheduling.

If you thrive in the world of warehouse and distribution, we want you to be a part of our big, bustling family. Let's work together to move grain from field to fork and keep the bread journey rolling!

Do you see yourself in supply chain management?

Logistics & Distribution

Step into the heartbeat of Unibake as a crucial member of our Logistics & Distribution team. This is where the practicality of moving goods seamlessly blends with the core of our bakery operations. As an integral part of this team, you'll be right in the midst of ensuring our freshly baked bakery goods reach their destination efficiently.                              


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This is the backbone of Unibake - the engine room where the practicality of sourcing meets the heartbeat of our bakery supply chain. You'll be actively involved in securing the high-quality ingredients that form the foundation of our full portfolio of products and collaborating with suppliers committed to responsible and ethical practices, supporting fair trade and social responsibility initiatives.


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Production Planning

The Production Planning team orchestrates efficiency and precision. They are the architects of our daily operations and meticulously design production schedules that ensure a seamless flow from mixing to packaging. By balancing demand forecasts, resource availability, and optimal utilization of machinery, the Production Planning team guarantees the timely creation of our entire portfolio of tasty products.

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International opportunities

Once you’ve accumulated world-class knowledge in
the business unit you’re in, you may be able to apply it
in one of our international locations. People who
transfer abroad love this opportunity, and suddenly,
everything you hear about the depth of resources and
the global cooperation at Lantmännen Unibake makes
sense. This is a business without borders.

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Gianni Malfait. Operations Director Lantmännen Unibake Benelux


Transitioning from engineering to global operations, I realized at Unibake, we unite through our differences to achieve common goals. Here, every challenge is a step towards collective excellence, inviting each of us to contribute, grow, and excel together.

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4 reasons to choose us

Farmers make good shareholders - we are owned by people who work the land, so you'll be working for people who really care about baking. 
We are taking baking further - we have a proud heritage but we also want to explore new products, markets and opportunites. 
Not only are we global, we hire a multitude of nationalities. We’ve lost count of the times we hear people say that no two days are alike. Variety is part of the job at Unibake. Your day changes because, every day, so does the business.
Our commitment to providing an exceptional workplace goes beyond the basics. Each day we will do our utmost to make sure you discover an international culture that celebrates innovation, collaboration, and diversity, all underpinned by our value proposition to you.