As part of Northern Europe’s leading agricultural cooperative, Lantmännen Unibake has an obligation to act responsibly – an obligation and an opportunity. Rooted in Swedish farming with a symbiotic relationship to nature from field to fork, we have the knowhow to reduce emissions, bake healthier products, build inspiring workplaces, and foster responsible sourcing. We have set ambitious goals, we have defined our actions, and we are monitoring our progress. We are changing for the better.

Sustainability plan

Our sustainability plan stands on four pillars

Baking for a better climate

By 2050 our ambition is to reach net-zero GHG emissions across the value chain from field to fork.

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Baking for better health

We want to impact public health by more than doubling our volume of healthier products by 2030.

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Baking for better opportunities for people

We want to increase opportunities for people to thrive during longer and happier lives.

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Business fundamentals

We make trust and transparency guiding principles towards a more sustainable food system.

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Sustainability you can track

What are we doing

For the climate, health, and people pillars in our sustainability plan we have committed to certain goals. For each goal we have defined a number of crucial areas to make the targets operational.

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How are we doing

It is easy to set goals; the hard part is reaching them. Monitor how we are doing on our climate, health, and people targets.

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Running a transparent operation

If you want to know more about how we work with sustainability, we will continuously update the website with climate, health, and people related content. Glance through or dive deeper into articles, reports, white papers and other formats.

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