About Production Planning

You'll play a crucial part in synchronizing the diverse elements of our production process, minimizing downtime, and maximizing output. Your strategic planning skills contribute to the consistent delivery of quality products, creating a sweet symphony that delights customers worldwide. If you thrive in a fast-paced environment and are skilled at strategic coordination, a rewarding career might await you here at Unibake.  

Demand Planner

Explore a career as a Demand Planner. Forecast demand, align production plans, and optimize inventory. Collaborate for efficient resource coordination. Analyze market trends, shaping precise demand forecasts. Join us in this dynamic role, contributing vital skills to optimize production and meet market demands. Be an essential force in maintaining seamless and efficient operations across our diverse product range.

Customer Service Coordinator

Embark on a Customer Service Coordinator role within our Operations department Ensure seamless communication between customers and our team, resolve inquiries and coordinate orders efficiently. Collaborate across departments and contribute to smooth operations. Your attention to detail and interpersonal skills make you vital in managing orders and addressing concerns promptly. Join us, where your commitment to customer service excellence is key to fostering positive relationships across our diverse product range.

Supply Planning Specialist

Commence a role as a Supply Planning Specialist in Operations. Manage inventory, coordinate with suppliers, and optimize supply chain efficiency. Collaborate cross-functionally, ensuring seamless operations. Your analytical skills and attention to detail are crucial in forecasting and maintaining optimal stock levels. Join our team, where your expertise contributes to an efficient and responsive supply chain, supporting our product range.