Without plastic as protection tonnes of fresh bread would go to waste every day. The most important role of plastic packaging is therefore to prevent food waste - which is a great burden for the climate.

As a material plastic has unique qualities ideal for storing and transportation. But used in excess amounts – or worse – littered in nature plastic has a negative effect on the environment, wildlife, wildlife habitat and humans.

Targeting 100% recycling of materials

As Europe’s second largest bakery group even small changes in our packaging process have a massive effect. We have created a “Unibake Plastics Statement” in which we share our opinion and targets for plastic consumption: We will increase our share of mono-material packaging which makes it easier to recycle plastics – today, we roughly use 80% mono-material packaging.

By 2022 we will make 100% of all our packaging materials recyclable. Also by 2022, we will also reduce our overall plastic consumption 10% - mainly by changing the thickness and size of our plastic bags.