The world’s farmland and nature are challenged by climate change, environmental pressures and reduced biodiversity and we must transform the way we grow and cultivate the crop we use for our bakery products to climate-smart solutions that reduce the negative impact on the planet.

In 2015 our owners, Lantmännen, decided to take the first steps together with their 19,000 farmer owners towards transforming the way they grow grain for flour. They named the concept “Climate & Nature” - a program focusing on the future of grain farming. Several of Unibake’s markets have already signed ud. Wheat cultivated in line with the ‘Climate & Nature” program has up to 30% less climate impact than wheat cultivated more traditionally (?).

The program is based on some of the most recent cultivation methods including fossil free farm fuel, climate smart fertilizers, precision farming based on GPS-technology and skylark plots and flower zones in the fields.

The “Climate & Nature” program has reduced the climate impact from Swedish wheat cultivation with 30% since 2015 while increasing biodiversity in the farmland at the same time.

Traceability and mass-balance

"Climate & Nature” measures that do not directly affect the grains themselves are contracted according to a mass-balance principle since grains that have been cultivated on “Climate & Nature” farms are mixed with other grains in the supply chain. Consequently, we cannot guarantee customers and consumers that the exact bakery products they purchase from us are made from Climate & Nature flour. However, we can document that they support climate friendlier cultivation methods from sustainable farms when they purchase from us.

For Lantmännen Unibake the “Climate & Nature” program is one of several important iniatives that support our journey towards CO2e neutrality and a sustainable supply chain. When our markets commit to the program, they commit to purchasing a certain amount of flour cultivated in line with the program and to delivering a corresponding amount of bakery products.

The program is gradually implemented in our markets due to a number of different criteria.