Protect people. We cannot say it any clearer. Food safety is our focal point. Actions to ensure quality and food safety run through every part of our processes.

A strong quality and safety culture has always been one of the cornerstones of our business. It supports our commitment to consistency, continual improvement and customer satisfaction and is important for us to maintain a resilient and sustainable business performance. We deal with highly sensitive products and we only collaborate with suppliers and subcontractors who can guarantee industry high levels of food safety.


The long-term targets that we want to achieve. Our quality roadmap sets off in the global business strategy and cascades to our annual plans. When we share the same direction we also share the same goals for the future and agree on what we are heading for on a global as well as on a local level.

Common ways of working

Because they ensure a robust performance that creates trust among our customers and consumers. We have built our quality culture on common structures and procedures .

The way we think, feel and act

Many of the day-to-day food safety and quality related situations often call for fast decisions. What we choose to do and how we decide to act in a given situation is very much influenced by the way we think and feel. Turning each of our 6,000 employees into a leader by training them in our common Leadership Tools ensures that everybody has the tools and courage to take responsibility and act correctly even under pressure.

We are certified to international standards

All Lantmännen Unibake production facilities follow internationally recognized standards for food safety, quality management, environmental management and energy efficiency and all of them are certified according to BRC.

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is an internationally recognized standard of the British Retail Consortium. It sets out best practices in food manufacturing to ensure fulfilment of legal requirements and consumer protection. Issue 8 of the BRC Global standard was published in August 2018. The standard has improved focus on food safety culture and environmental monitoring and encourages further development of systems ensuring food security and defense.

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Business ethics and anti-corruption