Don’t just have a dream job. Shape it.

It’s great to think long term and imagine what could be. But the reality is, the job of your dreams could change beyond recognition in the coming years. This doesn’t mean you have to be a passenger. Sign up for the Lantmännen Unibake Global Graduate Program and you will have the opportunity to be an active part of your own future.

We will empower you to work with the best teams in a bakery group whose mission affects the lives of millions of ordinary people every minute. We want to grow as a business and we want you to grow in confidence and capability. We know that this will be good for both of us in both the short and long term.

Responsibility and challenge from the start.

We think the best way for you to develop is to be treated with a combination of respect and challenge from the beginning. We will give you responsibilities, tailored to your specific talents and ambitions. We will keep you on your toes but there will be no shortage of support. Here are some key highlights of what to expect:

  • You’ll need a passport. Although you will start your Program in your own country, so you can build your competences in your comfort zone, you’ll be given an overseas assignment after a year. This could be in Poland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden or Romania - we’ll tell you where at the beginning of the Program.

  • The power of six. When you start, we’ll team you up with five fellow graduates. During the next two years you’ll build strong relationships with them and your progress will be jointly assessed. Think of it as a network for life.

  • We already have the plan. From day one you will know how your leadership skills and technical competencies will be developed in your area of expertise. Because we’ll give you a detailed learning plan.

  • Nothing but 100% support. You will meet great mentors, buddies and colleagues who are focused on supporting your continual development.