Step 1: Easy online application

Go to our job ad and send us both your resume, diploma and answer application questions. 

We ask you a couple of questions in advance, to get to know your motivation for applying for the program, and your reflections on Unibake.

  Step 2: Deeper online assessment

If you successfully pass the initial screening stage, we’ll invite you to take part in an online assessment process. This test was designed in partnership with Talogy and we use their tried and tested personality and capability assessment to help us make our next selection of candidates. 

Step 3: Smile - you're on Teams

We’ve had great success with this speed-date style technique. This is not a cold call. We already know quite a lot about you from the assessment stage and this Teams call is a simple way for us to see a bit more of your personality.

You should feel comfortable about this call and have any questions ready. We’re all ears.

 Step 4: Present your business case 

Assuming your call goes really well, we’ll invite you to meet the senior management team in your country, along with your future manager. On the day, we’ll expect you to present the business case for hiring you.

This is really a chemistry meeting as well as a chance to see you in action. Simply put, we’re looking for signs that everyone will love working together.

Step 5: Final interview & offer

Nearly there. If the chemistry went well in Step 4, you’ll be invited for interview with our global executive team, who will have some final conversations with you, just as a final check.

All being well, we will offer you a contract to start with us in September, so you can enjoy your summer and start fresh after some time out. The contract document itself will be developed with you. So, even before you start, you will feel included.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Lantmännen Unibake family.