Hamburger buns Whole Grain Gourmet

Product Code: 201850
g weight per piece: 378

6346407 Gourmet Grov  HB 201850_lo-res
Whole Grain Gourmet hamburger bun is baked with fermented wheat for extra good taste and topped with black and white sesame seeds. It is rich in fiber and marked with keyhole. In the gourmet series from Hatting you will find our best hot dog bread and burger buns. Perfect when you want to make a quick meal that also have delicious flavor. 6 pcs of 63 g.

Storage & Handling

Temperature min -18°C

Defrost in room temperature. In closed box 6 hours, in bag 4 hours

Shelf life



Wheat flour, whole wheat flour (29%), water, sugar, rapeseed oil, wheat bran (2%), wheat gluten, yeast, sesame seeds (1%), fermented wheat flour, salt, flour processing agent (E300), preservative (E282, E200), emulsifier (vegetable (E471))
Allergen Information

Cereals containing gluten


Sesame seeds



Country of Origin Norway