If you do not want to be just another ‘graduate’ at a company, but want to grow fast by getting full responsibility from day one in a ‘real’ value adding job in a ambitious and at the same time friendly and open work environment where we have fun, honestly – you should consider the Lantmännen Unibake Global Graduate Program.

1. We offer you ‘lifelong-learning’

Encouraging you to improve as a person bit by bit and day by day and continue to own your development and seek out new learning.

2. We assign you to work on high responsibility projects

Because we expect quite a lot of you, and because we expect you to deliver just as much as we expect you to learn.

3. We build your functional knowledge

We intend to make you the expert in your field, understanding the current and the future drivers within your function.

4. We give you the opportunity to build processes, tools and ways of working

You will contribute with your personality, drive, technical competence and experience rather than purely contributing to existing frameworks

You gain cross-cultural experience

Having different roles for quite an extensive time means you really gain thorough competency within your field and real opportunity to influence on processes, tools and ways of working. When finishing the Global Graduate Program you will have worked in various teams in different countries and have started filling up your toolbox of functional and leadership skills.

A door to experiencing different customs and cultures

Our two year program allows you to learn and deliver for a longer period as well as build relationships with peers, colleagues and managers. We offer an environment where you are expected to consistently deliver and improve at an exponential pace – in return, we will view you as a valued team member generating results.

We will align your preferences and development ambitions with Lantmännen Unibake’s business need when assigning rotations. The world is globalizing and with our growth agenda focused around international markets, we need mobility. Our program opens a door to experiencing different customs and cultures when undertaking placements in other countries.

The benefits

If it is important for you to find out what it takes to be the best in your field, the graduate program is the perfect choice. For the Lantmännen Unibake Graduate Program this includes: 

Nothing but 100% support

Your personal mentor: A senior manager typically 2-3 job levels above yourself will sign up as your personal graduate mentor. Your mentor will support you in your career development during the entire program.

Your personal coach: The HR Director of your home country and, in year two, of your host country will support you in your current role. You can discuss situations/issues/ findings and receive coaching to help you identify solutions to current problems.

You will not be alone

Throughout the two year program you will be immersed in numerous challenges, achievements and setbacks but you will do all this together with seven other ambitious teamplayers. In the Lantmännen Unibake Global Graduate Program, you will feel as though you still have a ‘class’ of friends that are also colleagues to learn from. Eight is large enough to be a group, but small enough to forge some close friendships too.

Towards billions of smiling tummies

You will contribute actively to making millions and millions of people happy every day when they eat our quality products. And on top of that you will be working in the framework of a cooperative as ultimately we are working to benefit our owners, the farmers themselves. We deliver from field to fork.

You work with the business. In the business.

Training in different locations that build both functional, intercultural and leadership competencies that won’t always feel like learning because, on top of training courses, e-learning modules and workshops, this is very much a hands-on program.

You will work with the business in the business and the international projects that you will be assigned to will provide you with insights and network that will boost your global career.

The Unibake values are really something that I actually cherish.

Andreas Von Bülow, Global Supply Chain Manager.