About the program

We’re setting milestones in our history - join us, and let's make history together!

Meet our Chief IT Officer, Carina Harders

Bake your mark on the future

As a graduate in Unibake IT, you'll have a unique opportunity to get close to the core business of one of Europe's largest bakery groups. Your tasks will involve a complexity that is hard to find as a graduate elsewhere.

As part of our business ambition, we are integrating ERP across our 30+ large-scale international bakeries in a significant roll-out. It’s a massive transformation that offers an unparalleled opportunity for talented graduates to join us at our head office in Copenhagen.

18 months of constant development

Our IT Graduate program is an 18-month journey that lays the foundation for your personal and professional development. 
From day one, you become an integral part of our team, and a significant part of your daily routine will involve project specific tasks, development, and business interaction.

Global impact awaits

You will take active part in the roll-out and onboard a program that maximizes your development and allows you to engage with executive stakeholders and high-priority and strategically important tasks throughout our global organization.

As an IT Graduate you will dive into the heart of our business operations within specialized teams focusing on Analytics, Integration, and Implementation across supply chain, production, customer service, and finance contributing to our global business platform roll-out and seeing firsthand the impact of your work on a global scale.

Visiting our bakeries

As part of your training, you will visit at least one of our bakeries. The purpose is to give you a deeper understanding of our products, processes and bakery operations in general.

Project deliverables

A big part of your development and training will happen while you work on projects. You will be responsible of your own tasks and deliverables.

You will travel with the  project team during implementations, etc.

Individual development plan

Together with your line manager and during your onboarding you will create your individual development plan  to help you reach your short and long-term career goals.

Experience & learning

When finalizing the IT Graduate Program, we will invite you to present your learnings and experiences to the Executive Management Team

Extensive training and knowledge building from Day 1

We will unlock 8 valuable learning modules for you


Trainings and introductions together with fellow Unibake Graduates.

Infrastructure & Operations

Introduction to Unibake agile Way of Working

  • Reporting & insights
  • Data Engineering
  • Master Data

  • End-to-End flows
  • AX
  • D365FO

  • Data Platform
  • Integration Platform
  • Power Automation
  • Architecture
  • Release & Testing

Introduction to Unibake’s 21 Leadership tools

  • Project Management training
  • IT Project Management methodology
  • Change & Learning Framework