Program Tracks

As a graduate in Unibake IT, you'll have a unique opportunity to get close to the core business of one of Europe's largest bakery groups. Your tasks will involve a complexity that is hard to find as a graduate elsewhere.

What we offer

We offer two different tracks. Both place great emphasis on supporting your personal and professional development through continuous training and dialogue, both with your line manager, your director level mentor and your HR partner support. They will follow and support you as you work on tasks in different parts of the organization and hone your skills.

ERP Track

Learn about Unibake Business Platform in Action

Join one of our workstreams to learn about our Unibake Business Platform solution in practice, building knowledge in core ERP and our Unibake Best-Practice processes.

Join an Implementation Team

You will be assigned to a specific implementation team where you are teamed up with experienced consultants, to build your skills for future implementations.

Bi-weekly Project Participation at Unibake Units

Travel to a Unibake unit on a bi-weekly basis and participate in all phases of an implementation project.

Analytics Track

Join the Analytics Team

Join our Analytics team as an Analytics Engineer or PowerBI consultant to learn about our Data Platform and Reporting Solutions, building knowledge in our global solutions and tools.

Train Teams & Deliver Project Reports

In your role, you will focus on training super users and building skills in the local teams as well as taking part in deliveries of any specific reports in the implementation projects.

Delivering Expertise Across Unibake Locations

Travel to one or several Unibake units on a needs’ basis and participate in key phases of an implementation project.