Step 1: Easy online application

Go to our job ad and send us both your resume, diploma and answer application questions. 

We ask you a couple of questions in advance, to get to know your motivation for applying for the program, and your reflections on Unibake.

  Step 2: Deeper online assessment

If you successfully pass the initial screening stage, we’ll invite you to take part in an online assessment process.This test was designed in partnership with Talogy and includes behavioral and capability assessments to support us in the selection process.

Step 3: Recruitment Days

Join us for Recruitment Days at our Unibake headquarters. Explore the Graduate Program and gain insights into the IT landscape at Unibake. Connect with the team leading the Unibake Business Platform roll-out and engage with current IT Graduates. This is your chance to connect with us, share your story, and explore potential opportunities within Unibake.

Step 4: Final Interview  

 Nearly there. If the chemistry went well in Step 3, you’ll be invited for a final interview with our CHRO and CIO, who will have some final conversations with you and you get to know Unibake on a more strategic level!

Step 5: Offer

If it’s a success, we will make you an offer to join the IT Graduate Program. This marks the beginning of your journey with Unibake, where you'll have lots of opportunity to grow, learn, and make a significant impact.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Lantmännen Unibake family.

You are permanently employed in our head office IT team from the start, and after your 18-month graduate program, you will be offered a position in a service area that matches your skills and interests.