The Engineering & Maintenance team

The engineering and maintenance staff are the backbone of our bakery operations, working behind the scenes to ensure that production continues smoothly, efficiently, and safely at all times. From troubleshooting equipment issues to implementing preventive measures their expertise and vigilance are essential to minimize downtime, extend the lifespan of our bakery assets, and guarantee a safe working environment for everyone.

Maintenance Engineer

The Maintenance Engineer role is a revered specialist role that ensures the seamless installation and maintenance of our technical equipment. As a 24/7 linchpin, they troubleshoot, optimize, and play a vital role in keeping our machinery operational. Your expertise is instrumental in the relentless pursuit of operational excellence, contributing to the backbone of our technological advancements that define our brand

Technical Project Manager

As a Technical Project Manager, you lead the charge in executing projects that elevate our production facilities. From conception to implementation, you're the orchestrator, ensuring the seamless integration of state-of-the-art machinery. Your role is pivotal in driving technological advancements, optimizing production efficiency, and contributing to the brand's excellence.

Project Engineer

Our Project Engineers drive bakery  innovations. They spearhead machinery installations, troubleshoot, and optimize projects for top-notch quality and their hands-on expertise shapes cutting-edge bakeries that meet our capacity goals, and define our technological prowess. The role contributes significantly to the technological excellence and operational efficiency of our bakeries ensuring seamless functionality.