How do we work with Finance at Unibake?

Within Finance at Unibake, your work goes beyond balancing books; it's about shaping financial strategies that drive the success of our global operations. Whether you're ensuring compliance, providing financial insights, or optimizing operational costs, your expertise is the compass that guides us toward sustained and sustainable financial excellence.  

Business Controller

Unibake's Business Controllers are strategic financial leaders. Beyond numbers, they navigate business complexities, shaping sustainable financial strategies, and optimizing costs for excellence. In our finance core, they drive responsible decisions, ensuring longevity, and contribute significantly to Unibake's sustainable success.

Join the heart of finance and help us guide responsible decisions, secure our enduring success, and sustain Unibake's legacy.

Financial Controller

Unibake's Financial Controllers safeguard our financial integrity, ensure compliance, and shape sustainable practices through meticulous financial controlling. Their strategic financial strategies play a pivotal role in sustaining our success, steering Unibake toward enduring financial excellence and a commitment to sustainability.

Embark on a financial career at Unibake and support us in championing sustainable financial stewardship and the longevity of our shared future.

Operations Controller

As an Operations Controller at Unibake, you’re not just overseeing numbers; you are a strategic partner driving cost-efficiency and operational effectiveness. By ensuring smooth financial workflows throughout our supply chain, you'll work hand in hand with various teams. Your mission is to pinpoint enhancements, establish best practices, and be a key player in achieving operational excellence.

Join us in shaping a leaner, smarter Unibake."