About Logistics & Distribution

Work shoulder to shoulder with a dedicated team, where your attention to detail and commitment to precision play a vital role in the timely delivery of our delicious treats. Join us in an environment where your hard work makes a tangible impact, ensuring that each product travels from our ovens to customers' tables with care.

Your journey in Logistics & Distribution starts here, where the satisfaction of a job well done is as fulfilling as the products we deliver.

Warehouse Worker

As a Warehouse Worker you manage inventory, pack orders, and operate machinery with precision, adhering to our safety protocols. You collaborate with the logistics team to ensure streamlined processes and optimized storage. Your attention to detail is evident in tracking shipments, quality control, and maintaining an organized inventory. Your proactive problem-solving contributes to sustained operational efficiency. This pivotal role guarantees the punctual delivery of our bakery delights to customers with freshness and precision.

Technical Leader

As a Technical Leader within our Logistics & Distribution function, your job is to improve efficiency using technology. You handle logistics software, tracking systems, and data tools. Managing and troubleshooting warehouse tech is crucial, and you guide your team in using these tools. Your role is essential for a well-functioning and tech-savvy logistics operation, ensuring timely and precise distribution of bakery products.


As a Driver, your main role is to safely deliver bakery goods on time. Behind the wheel, you navigate traffic, load and unload efficiently, ensuring our products reach customers. Coordinating with the warehouse and maintaining records, you play a crucial role in our organized process. It's not just driving; you ensure our fleet stays reliable. Routes may change, but you adapt. Your commitment keeps our distribution smooth, ensuring bakery treats reach customers safely and on time.