Not active in 2023

Category Management is at the core of our business and in many ways a focal point in our business strategy and organization.

With a global enterprise and an assortment of different business units and assets in many countries, there is a delicate and complex process needed to translate consumer insights and global market trends into innovative products that fit with our strategies for our three core categories.

Category Management helps orchestrate this process and has benefits for the business in both the short and long term. As part of the team you will focus on new product development and innovation but also speand time learning how to manage our product portfolio - including value management and assortment optimisation - and be involved in the Sales and Operations planning process across the entire value chain.

You will achieve a deep understanding of the bakery business and learn what is important to our customers and consumers and what our competitors do. The knowledge, that you gain, will contribute to our ambitious journey towards billions of happy customers.

During the Program you will with work with senior managers and will work cooperatively with many stakeholders across the company. You will gradually build an international network of world-class colleagues, eventually establishing yourself as one of tomorrow’s key people in Category Management at Lantmännen Unibake.

We have designed the course so that anyone who successfully completes it can move seamlessly into a permanent position, in either their home country or abroad.