We work hard to save resources, optimize workflows and reduce food waste at our production sites. And we are making progress. Since 2015, we have reduced our total CO2 emissions 27%. By 2020 our target is to have reduced 40% CO2 equivalent emissions compared to our 2015 level.

Towards a fossil free production

Renewable resources such as wind power, water and solar energy are already supplying us with lots of green electricity. In the coming years we will further accelerate our transformation to green electricity.

By 2025 all bakeries in Norway and Sweden will be fossil free, in 2030 all Danish and Finnish bakeries will follow, and in 2040 every Lantmännen Unibake bakery in Europe will be fossil free too. That’s an ambitious target, and one that requires investments. With initiatives such as equipment upgrades, research in new technologies, Internet of Things, heat recovery projects and enhanced analytic capabilities we are finding new ways to minimize our environmental footprint.