To work with sustainability is to work with constant improvement. Across our own organization and together with customers and partners, we are always looking for ways to operate in a more sustainable way. Check out the latest reports and articles where we share insights. You can select a topic or get the full overview of sustainability related content.


Sustainability review

Sustainability brochure

Farming of the future

Sustainability plan

Our sustainability plan stands on four pillars

Baking for a better climate

By 2050 our ambition is to reach net-zero GHG emissions across the value chain from field to fork.

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Baking for better health

We want to impact public health by more than doubling our volume of healthier products by 2030.

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Baking for better opportunities for people

We want to increase opportunities for people to thrive during longer and happier lives.

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Business fundamentals

We make trust and transparency guiding principles towards a more sustainable food system.

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How are we doing

Monitor our progress for the climate, health, and people pillar in our sustainability plan. You can see which goals we have set, and how close we are to meeting our targets.